Work with Diana!


I love to partner with brands and other Culinary professionals to help promote their products, create innovative content, develop recipes and other exciting opportunities.   I have had the experience of working with big name brands like Dietz and Watson, using their products to create new recipes. Other outside the culinary industry have contacted me to collaborate like GMC Buick, whom I did a commercial and print ad for.  In my cooking classes, I have used products like the Empanada Fork to help promote the product and to show its many uses.   Feel free to contact me at   Here are a few ways we could work together:

Brand Ambassador

I can represent your brand through sponsored post, developing a recipe, On-camera cooking or lifestyle segments, creating a video or print campaign, national or local tours

Cooking Demonstrations and other Live Events

Diana can host live cooking demonstrations to show how to use your products. She is also available to present your brand at  Events, Festivals, Trade Shows, Fundraisers and any other Live Event.

Diana has also been a Celebrity Chef Judge for Women Against Abuse’s Dish it Up Event,  an all Female Food Competition in Philadelphia, Pa and for Nationalities Service Center’s Global Taste.

Media Talent

Diana is no stranger to the camera, She is a best known for being Food Network’s Ultimate Grand Chopped Champion.  You may have also seen her compete on Cutthroat Kitchen. She hosted the “Five Cubed” event by Haute Dining in Miami, Florida.

Food Blogger/Recipe Developer

Diana writes her own blog called “Get the Scoop!” where she shares her latest recipes, event appearances and what’s in the news.  She also works with multiple companies to develop recipes for their products. If you would like Diana to develop a recipe for your product send her an email at


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