Restaurant Review: The Farmhouse in Cherry Hill, NJ.

The Farmhouse in Cherry Hill

The Farm-to-Table trend seemed to dominate 2017 and it will continue to have a strong presence this year as well. I visited the Farmhouse in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, a restaurant known for its farm-to-table concept. Stu Wanicur is the owner and General Manager who has over 20 years experience in the food industry working for some big names like Aramark and Unilever. Stu had his eye on this famous Landmark in Cherry Hill and was hoping to have the opportunity to take over.

This quaint little Farmhouse sits on Kresson Road in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. You can’t miss the Tractor that indicates you have arrived. Once you’re inside, you feel the cozy ambiance almost immediately. I was greeted by Stu, who not only is the Owner and General Manager, but host and server as well. I love that he takes such a hand-on approach to his operation. He knows what it takes to make this business a success.

The first course, I would have to say, was nearly a life changing experience. Let me explain. I had the Housemade Butter Pretzels accompanied by Honey mustard and a Maple Hot Sauce Whipped Butter. Now I’m from Philadelphia, so I know a Pretzel. We love them warm with salt, maybe a little heavy on the mustard with some coffee. At least I do! But this Pretzel at the Farmhouse was a different experience. It had a thin outer crust but when you tear it apart the dough was so flaky it melted in my mouth just like a croissant. This pretzel could very well stand on its own. I wish I had asked for more to take home. I woke up the next morning day dreaming about those Pretzels.

All of the dishes that came out had a nice clean presentation. I love that fact that the ingredients are sourced locally. The flavors stood out. The Fried Brussels Sprouts had a sweet note from the Mushroom-Soy Caramel and the Filet perfectly cooked to a medium rare, came with crispy sunchoke tostones and a bold Pinot Noir Reduction. Great job Chef Bruce! If you’re looking for high-end Farm-to-Table food, then you must check this place out. The Farmhouse serves Brunch, Lunch and Dinner.



312 Kresson Road

Cherry Hill, New Jersey 08034



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