Too Busy to prep meals? Try this easy recipe for Overnight Oatmeal

It’s #MotivationMonday and I have an easy breakfast recipe that might motivate your Monday. With the New Year beginning I always like to reflect on my eating habits and see where I can cut down on calories. We get caught up in our busy lives and tend to take the easy road, ordering fast food. I prefer to run over to Wegman’s and get something from their café: Asian food, Indian food, Mexican food, the choices are endless and let’s not forget they have a wine and beer section.

However, when I am on a workout schedule I want to see fast results, so I need to plan my meals better and control what ingredients go into them. There are times when  I work long hours and need something packed with vitamins and energy to get me through the day but spending less time in the kitchen. So, to start my day, I like to eat oatmeal. It’s so good for you and with some dried fruit and healthy nuts it will give you the energy you need to start your day. Here’s an easy recipe for Overnight Oatmeal.

Overnight Oatmeal (1 serving)

1/2 cup Oatmeal

1 cup Almond Milk, sweetened

4 whole almonds

1/4 tsp craisins

3 whole cashews

1/4 tsp pepitas

1/2 tsp Diana’s Spice Cantina Ceylon Cinnamon Spice Blend

1 Tbs honey

Mix all the ingredients together. Store in the refrigerator and leave overnight. Your oats will be ready in the morning. You can eat them cold or hot.

I recommend you get yourself a Seal the Meal from Tara at Home . These cute bowls with a handle and lid make meal planning so much easier. And the lid has a pressure value for when you are reheating your food. Stay tuned for more easy Seal the Meal recipe ideas.


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