Top 5 Food Trends You Can Expect to See in 2018

Top 5 Food trends to look out for in 2018

Whole Foods has come out with their top food trends for 2018 most of which seems to be teetering on veganism. Despite, most are not really new food trends as I have seen some of these on menus in the past, including my own. However, these trends will be making its appearance more prominently in the mainstream. Some of these get a thumbs up and some just don’t make any sense at all. You will see why!


#1. Floral Flavors

According to Whole Foods, Floral Flavors are at the top of their list. They predict that floral notes like Lavender and Hibiscus will be making their appearance, from cereals to lattes. Some coffee shops are even getting in on this flower trend. I believe I spotted a Rose Mocha somewhere downtown. Didn’t someone on Top Chef, last year, make a Lavender Honey Roasted Chicken? Whole Foods has given elderberry the honorary title of MVP (Most Valuable Pedal). I would agree! I happen to love Elderberry. It’s great for a cough and adds a nice bouquet bang to your hot toddy (Oh! Did I just pun there!).

#2. Mushrooms

Do not underestimate the power of the fungi! Packed with antioxidants, vitamins and fiber, mushrooms will be coming out of the shadows of the produce section and making its debut in the cosmetic aisle in the form of soaps and lotions. And don’t be surprised if an Enoki espresso lands next to your Crimini donut. Time will tell if Dunkin or Starbucks will jump on the Juan Valdez coffee wagon and add to their menu.

#3. Middle Eastern food

Oh how I love thee, let me count all the ways you can use za’atar, harissa, pomegranate molasses…Can you tell I’m a fan? Dishes like falafel, hummus and pitas were a starting point. Other dishes like shakshuka and Zhoug will be seducing your taste buds soon. Cuisines from Lebanon, Syria, Morocco, Israel and Persia will be rising to the top this year.

#4 Powders

Both turmeric and matcha have been on the market showing their many diverse uses. Now other powders like maca roots and cocoa will be showing up in cereals and granolas. Most recently I noticed activated charcoal hanging out on the shelves too.

#5 Shell-less Tacos

I don’t know. I’m sorry but if it doesn’t have a tortilla then it’s not a taco. However, I’m sure you bacon lovers will be thrilled with a woven slab of bacon in place of the tortilla  Or perhaps Taco Bells fried-egg idea will win you over. Call me Old-fashioned but I love my tortillas and have no plans on replacing them.


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